Full Service General Contracting


Projects include residential and commercial remodels, new construction, renovations, expansions, insurance/restoration and custom requests. Our experience ranges and accommodates the needs of the private and public sectors. We are involved in developing our projects through preconstruction, construction, and post construction phases for our individual client’s expectation. The in house team specializes in construction management, Design Build, General Contracting, Facilities Management, and Architectural Design. Our subcontractors are required to uphold Le's Builders ethics of professionalism in order to provide quality, efficiency, and vision within any budget. Our approach to engaging our clients and meeting their project goals is through transparency, phase milestones lead meetings with client and superior delivery of rendered services.

Preconstruction Phase Services



  • Budget Estimating

  • Value Engineering

  • Materials & Building Systems Analysis

  • Construction Reviews

  • Competitive Bidding

  • Guaranteed Maximum Price

  • BIM/3D Modeling


Construction Services



  • Design Build

  • Design Bid Build

  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance

  • Environmental, Safety & Health Program

  • Scheduling

  • Architectural Design

  • Residential & Commercial (Office, Education, Hospitality,Business, etc.)

  • Engineering

Post Construction Services


  • Approved O & M Manuals

  • Funcionally Operational Systems

  • Facility Management

  • Inspection & testing

  • Repairs, calibration & adjustments