Facilities Management


As a highly motivated team, we have had immense years of experience in leading facilities management projects such as renovation, new construction, or even emergency maintenance and repair. We are more than willing to set up a meeting with you and your team in order to discuss methods and/or options to serve to your facility's needs.


Whether it is for emergency plumbing work or to improve a facade, for example, our company will promise to come up with the most efficient solution for you. We also offer Free Preliminary Estimate upon the initial site visit to the facilities before any final decisions are made. 



Building Renovation


  • Commercial tenant improvements

  • Apartment complex improvements

  • School and/or College improvements

  • Painting

  • Concrete polishing 

  • Additional walls or room construction

  • HVAC installation 

  • Updating any fire safety or building safety requirements 

  • Retrofit for accessibility or ADA requirements

Property Management


We will take care of your property the same way we would treat our own homes, no exceptions! 


Our company, as a whole, is always enthusiastic and motivated to take care of your property in order keep up with its value or even increase its value in the future. Our past experiences in areas shown below have given us the opportunity to keep the property as aesthetically pleasing as possible while making sure any internal issues the property faces is resolved within no time. These types of maintenances are most beneficial if they are done in a routine basis helping the property to withstand any obstacles it may face and live a longer lifespan. 


Great servicesflexible schedule, and FREE Preliminary Estimates are just the beginning advantages our company can offer you! 


Below are some examples of work we have done in the past and what we are capable of doing in the future. 



New Construction


  • Additional building for the facilities or brand new construction

  • Electrical work

  • Plumbing work

  • Roof work

  • Furniture assembly

  • Finding the best quality among material and supply 

  • Any additional work required

  • Making sure all construction work is done to building codes provided by the city

Routine to Emergency Maintenance and Repair


  • Electrical repair or intallation

  • Plumbing repair or installation

  • Roof repair or construction

  • Lock and key work for doors

  • Painting

  • Concrete buffering and or polishing

  • Flooring material updates or changes

  • HVAC installation and or routine checks/maintenance

  • Any emergency construction work: ON CALL