Construction Management:  "CM-Agency" vs CM At-Risk


Also known as "pure construction management"; where the construction manager is hired to be an agent of the owner.

CM At-Risk on the other hand is when the construction manager is legally responsible for delivering the project on time and on budget. 


Construction Management in the company:


As a cooperative company, our team has had many opportunities to not just be hired as an agency for the owner of the project but also we have been hired to be at risk. We have shown great skills in working together to tackle both categories within a construction management company.

As a CM-Agency, our team members have been trained to handle any type of management issues and make sure the project at hand is done according to plan with all of the hired teams at work. As a team, we will do all of the local research and quotes needed before even hiring a sub-contractor for example.

As a CM At-Risk, the team ensures the project is delivered efficiently by making sure we have the detailed budget plans starting from any preliminary estimates to even presenting you with a calendar breakdown on how the project will be delivered.  Our contract will define all of the details to ensure the construction of the project is completed within the estimated budget and time.


Our past experience in both these fields has prepared the company as a whole to take on any type of work with great enthusiasm and willingness!


We are excited to set up a meeting with you according to a schedule that best fits your needs in order to see the site at hand and further discuss what type of construction management you may prefer!